NOVA Acoustic Ltd. Provides The Best Quality Air Tightness Testing In UK


The UK based company NOVA Acoustics brings the top quality air tightness testing in compliance with the registered engineers and takes pride in being the first choice in providing effective solutions to the problems regarding air leakage testing. The company ensures the proper air tightness of new properties in England and Wales that aims to reduce the carbon emissions through making sure the energy efficiency of the buildings by setting an overall “Emission Rate”. In the process of air test the capability of the buildings is examined by checking their performance at retaining conditioned air and the loss of conditioned air through the structure of the building. Maximizing the retention and the energy used to heat and cool the buildings; this company aims to minimize the loss of conditioned air by reducing the overall emission rate.

NOVA Acoustics is the most trusted firm in UK for air leakage testing that entirely depends on dwelling type and use of the accredited construction details.

On the submission of proper information on construction methods and site plans, the company identifies the variation in the dwelling types and requires knowing the aperture size to ensure the testing equipment can be correctly installed. In the case of the test not being passed successfully, the company uses high end techniques to find out the leakage area: smoke testing, depressurization, thermography done using an infra-red camera to identify hot and cold spots on the surface of the building. The company also provides recommendations in order to make the test successful and suggests that the building should be complete, doors and windows must be fully functional, availability of 240v power on site, electric fittings are fit and functional. This reputed company continues to grow with the unmatched quality of service provided with the help of the experienced engineers.

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The UK based company NOVA Acoustics Ltd is a premier company recognized for providing quality services in air tightness testing, noise surveys and sound insulation testing.

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